Best Diets for 2014

iStockPhotoAre you hunting for a new diet to help you slim down in 2014?  U.S. News and World Report just released their annual list of best diets. Each year the news source evaluates 32 of the most popular diets and identifies the best in a variety of categories including best commercial diet, easiest to follow and best diabetes diet.

Top Diet Trends

When you look at the full list, you’ll see a couple of diets ranked highly in many different categories.  The DASH Diet, for example, was the top rated overall plan as well as the best diet for diabetes and the best diet for healthy eating.  Other diets that fared well include the TLC diet, a low-fat diet that aims to lower cholesterol and the Mediterranean diet that helps to improve heart health. Best commercial diets included Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

Find the Best Diet for You

Regardless of the list, however, the best diet for you is the one that you’ll stick to.  How do you find it? Get a referral to see a registered dietitian.  An R.D. will evaluate your lifestyle and your past diet history and work with your medical team to develop  an eating plan that works.

Looking for other healthy changes you can make to improve your health? Check out the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website?  It’s a great source of easy tips for healthy eating, exercise and diet support.  You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


One thought on “Best Diets for 2014

  1. MY diet wasn’t on the list but I thought it was the best ever -based on science, balanced, with variety and scope.. and it got the results I wanted plus enabled me to maintain my healthy weight which has never happened before. Dr. Morano’s 17-day diet. Yay! Maybe it wasn’t there because it’s more a life-long eating strategy rather than a diet – sure worked for me 🙂

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