Recipes for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Have a healthy Thanksgiving with lower calorie recipes.

Have a healthy Thanksgiving with lower calorie recipes.

Have you made your grocery shopping list for the Thanksgiving meal?  Before you plan the big holiday meal take a few minutes to see if you adjust the menu to provide some healthier fare. It’s a great way to avoid weight gain during during these busy and indulgent holiday months.

Lower Calorie Thanksgiving Recipes

Some traditional Thanksgiving foods are loaded with salt, fat and calories. There are better ways to enjoy delicious food and stay healthy.  Consider swapping some of these high calorie foods for lower calorie alternatives. The healthy recipes come from Karen Palmer, a registered dietitian at North Memorial Medical Center.

  • Cheesy Artichoke Dip. Families and friends often snack and nibble throughout the day even before the big meal.  Those snack calories can really add up.  Traditional artichoke dip, for example, can contain up to 312 calories per serving! Karen Palmer provides a much healthier Cheesy Artichoke Spread with only 177 calories per serving.
  • Green Bean Casserole.  Many people get their serving of veggies by scooping a heap of this creamy vegetable dish onto their Thanksgiving plate.  But this “healthy” dish contains 161 calories per serving – and most of us eat more than a serving. Why not serve a beautiful platter of Marinated Grilled Vegetables instead?
  • Mashed Potatoes.  There are a few healthy ways to make mashed potatoes, but the traditional recipe made with cream and butter can total 237 calories or more.  A healthier alternative is Karen Palmer’s Fiesta Rice Salad.  The colorful salad “provides an array of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants to reduce one’s risk for stroke and cardiovascular diseases,” according to Palmer.  And it’s a perfect side dish for turkey!

Don’t be afraid to make some healthy changes to your regular Thanksgiving menu.  You may be able to inspire good eating habits for the rest of the year and create a new holiday traditions.

Want to know how to avoid other foods that aren’t good for you?  Check this list of Foods to Increase and Foods to Decrease.  And if you are looking for more weight loss advice, motivational advice and exercise help, checkout North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss, find us on Facebook and on Twitter.



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