Popular Diets That Really Work

Do celebrity diets work?

Do celebrity diets work?

Do you want to know which popular diets work?  Are you considering the Mushroom Diet that has apparently kept Katy Perry slim but busty?  Did you give the Atkins Diet a second look after Kim Kardashian credited the eating plan for her post-baby weight loss?  Or maybe one of the blood-type diets caught your eye because it looked scientific.  If you were planning to research these weight loss plans, I can save you some time and tell you that all of them work….sort of.

Why Fad Diets Work

Whenever you make a commitment to change your eating habits you are more likely to make better food choices in the beginning.  So, even if the diet you choose is a fad, you’re likely to see some results in the first couple of weeks. Starting a diet is like starting an exercise program.  It’s easy for us to be “good” in the beginning because we are excited and optimistic about the possibility of change.  But then challenges set in, like boredom, and if the diet you chose is too drastic, it is easy to fall off the wagon.

In addition, popular diets that eliminate entire food groups, like the Paleo Diet or going gluten-free, are also likely to reduce your overall calorie intake and cause weight loss initially.  In fact, almost every diet that promises to let you eat whatever you want is a cleverly disguised plan to help you eat less.  Do you really get to eat whatever you want?  Probably not. And that is why the diet doesn’t work in the long run.

The Popular Diet that Really Works

The most popular diet that actually works in the long-term is eating less and moving more.  It’s not new and you won’t see it written up in the tabloids, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off it’s the plan with the best success rate.

So how do you accomplish those goals to see real results?  Your best option is to work with a registered dietitian to find a plan that is tailored to your tastes, your lifestyle and your needs.  An R.D. can refer you to support services and can also talk to your doctor to make sure that your eating plan improves your overall health.  Of course, this isn’t a plan that you’ll see celebrities rave about, but it’s likely to be the plan that they are on if they are really losing weight.


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