Do You Need a Weight Loss Supplement?

Talk with your health care provider before taking any diet pill

Talk with your health care provider before taking any diet pill

If you walk the aisles of some pharmacies or vitamin stores, you’ll find dozens of products that claim to help you lose weight.  Supplements like green tea extract, bitter orange and other “natural” remedies advertise that they will boost your metabolism, change your body shape and help you slim down for good.  But do any of them really work?

Be A Smarter Supplement Shopper

Weight loss supplements and diet pills are not regulated by the government in the same way that foods or medications are regulated.  Supplement makers, for example, do not have to prove that their product is safe or effective in order to sell it.  For that reason, it’s important to be especially careful when you consider buying any diet supplement or weight loss product.

To stay safe and smart, ignore the advertising claims on any product that you consider. Instead, research the supplement at the National Institutes of Health Herbs and Supplements website.  You’ll find a list of the most popular dietary supplements along with links to clear information about the risks and benefits of each product.

Ask Questions About Supplements

But just because a diet supplement is safe for the general public, doesn’t mean that it is necessarily safe or recommended for you.  Before you take any supplement, weight loss pill or powder, talk to your health care provider to see how the pill may interact with your current medications or your current health conditions.  Your physician may also be able to provide more information about the supplement or about prescription medications for weight loss that may be safer and more effective.

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One thought on “Do You Need a Weight Loss Supplement?

  1. You bring up some valid points about supplements for sure. I think that some supplements (like protein powders) really can help you lose weight, but most of them either have no effect or can hurt your body.

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