Bad Carbs vs. Good Carbs: How to Tell the Difference

Do you crave carbs?  You’ve probably seen headlines in magazines or online about the diet dangers of eating too many carbohydrates or eating the wrong kind of carbohydrates.  But how do you tell the difference? What makes some carbohydrates good and some carbohydrates bad?

As Deb Vevea, RD, explains in this video, there is really no such thing as a “bad carbohydrate.”  There are just carbs that we should choose to eat less of.  Watch her video as she explains which carbohydrates you should limit in your diet.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.37.40 PM

So what carbohydrates should you include in your diet?  Fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains all contain important vitamins and minerals along with healthy fiber.  Learn how to get more fresh produce in your diet to lose weight and improve your health.  You can also use these guides to learn more about the benefits of whole grains.

Have you checked out the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website?  It’s a great source of easy tips for healthy eating, exercise and diet support.  You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter


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