Kid-Friendly Healthy Recipe Websites

file0001793805494If you read Tuesday’s post, Eating Habits That Help Kids Do Better in School, you may be inspired to find new ways to cook healthy meals for the kids.  But your new-found energy can hit the skids when you head into the kitchen. It’s hard to be creative three times a day, every day, seven days each week.

So where do you find inspiration?  First,  let the kids help you out.  If they help you plan and prepare meals, they may become more invested in their own nutrition.  Second, go online. There are several websites that both you and the kids can explore to find recipes.

 Healthy Recipe Websites for the Whole Family

  • Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Cookbook.  This downloadable cookbook contains healthy lunch recipes submitted by kids for kids.  The winners took part in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Kids State Dinner. Entrees like “Picky Eater Pizza Pita Pockets” are sure to be popular in your house.
  • KidsHealth Recipes.  This site provides recipes for all kids, but also for children with special needs.  There are recipes for kids with diabetes, cystic fibrosis, lactose intolerance and more.
  •  This colorful site provides a photo gallery of vegetables along with nutritional information and ideas for preparation.  Specialty recipes for holidays and special needs (like gluten free and vegetarian eaters) are also provided.
  • MyPlate on Pinterest   If you like this popular social media site, check out the gallery of recipes from various sources.  The photos are a good way to gather ideas, even if you don’t use the recipes.
  •  This is one of my favorite sites for kids recipes.  The recipes are designed by kids and they are written in kid-friendly language so that children can do the cooking.  ChopChopKids is an innovative non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook real food with their families.  It’s a must see for you and your family.

And don’t forget to keep the kids active.  Go for a walk after dinner or ask the kids to organize a healthy family activity that you can all do together.


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