Get Fit and Healthy at Open Streets Minneapolis

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERANeed an excuse to get outside and exercise? There’s a new Twin Cities event that will help you do just that.  It’s called Open Streets Minneapolis and it’s a great opportunity for you to get outside to bike, walk or dance in your neighborhood.

What is Open Streets?

Open Streets Minneapolis is based on a tradition called Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia.  For nearly 40 years, the city takes a day to shut down streets in the city so that residents can wander around by bike, by skateboard, however they please.   The tradition has become a worldwide phenomenon and now it’s in your backyard.

There will be four local Open Streets Minneapolis events taking place throughout the summer.  Visit the Open Streets Minneapolis website to find the location that is closest to you.   Event organizers, in partnership with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, will shut down traffic for a day so that residents can gather, get some exercise, participate in spontaneous play activities, and get to know one another.  You can even bring your dog!

Make Open Streets a Daily Routine

Of course the official event will only take place for a day.  But it’s a great way for you and your neighbors to generate ideas and inspire each other to make healthy activity a part of your everyday lives.  While you are celebrating, why not organize a weekly walk with other neighbors on your block?  Older kids can organize a weekly bike ride.  Parents with young children can arrange to meet at a local park for healthy outdoor playtime one day each week.

Need more ideas about ways to exercise at home?  Visit the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website and learn how to start an exercise program.





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