4 Common Weight Loss Myths – Busted!

magnifying glassIt’s time to debunk a few popular weight loss myths.  These common “rules” are often seen in newspaper headlines, online, and sprinkled into diet advertisements.  But that doesn’t make them true.  Here are four myths about dieting – exposed.

4 Common Weight Loss Myths

“You don’t have to count calories”  The best way to monitor your food intake is to count calories.  Of course, there are other ways to decrease the amount of food you consume, but counting calories is still the best method.   If you want to lose weight, monitor your daily caloric intake with a smartphone app, a website, or with an old fashioned pen and paper journal.

“You should never eat dessert.”  Sweet treats can be part of a healthy weight loss plan.  In fact, if you love dessert, it should be part of a healthy weight loss plan.  But if weight loss is your goal, you may have to eat dessert less often, choose a smaller portion or create a lower calorie alternative.  For example, instead of having a large bowl of ice cream with fudge sauce every night,  enjoy one half cup of ice cream with berries 2-3 nights each week.

“You’ll gain weight if you eat after 7pm.”  The timing of your meals matters less than the total number of calories you consume.  Late night calories don’t magically turn into extra pounds on your body.  But calories that you consume in the evening frequently come from episodes of mindless snacking in front of the television.  If you want to lose weight, plan meals and snacks at regular intervals throughout the day.  If you end up eating a reasonable meal later in the evening, don’t panic.  It won’t necessarily cause weight gain.

“Skip snacks to lose weight.”  Healthy snacking can help to curb hunger throughout the day and prevent overeating at mealtime.  But the snacks you choose will play a big role in your weight loss success.  Skip the starchy, high calorie snack foods that you find in vending machines and convenience stores.  Plan ahead and prepare healthy snacks instead.

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