Choose a Healthy Restaurant on Mother’s Day

Reach your goals with help from an RD

Help mom reach her goals

Many families will be dining out on Sunday to celebrate the mothers in their lives.  Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days in many restaurants.  If you’re the one making the reservation, you may need to take mom’s healthy eating goals into consideration.  If the lady in your life is trying to lose weight or improve her diet, use these tips to choose a healthy restaurant.

Find Healthier Restaurant Food Choices

The best way to find a healthy restaurant is to research the menu online before you make a reservation.  Scan the menu for foods that are broiled, grilled or poached.  Entrees that are loaded with veggies and fruit based desserts are also a good sign.  But if the menu at mom’s favorite restaurant doesn’t provide those options, you might still be able to dine there.  In many cases, you can talk to your waiter to modify selections according to specific dietary needs.  Call in advance to get more information about the kitchen’s flexibility.

You’ll also find smartphone apps and other online resources that will help you find healthy restaurants and to find healthy menu items once you’re there.  Check out these links to get more information.

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