Best Smartphone Apps to Help You Lose Weight

Get weight loss advice on the go! (source:Mutlu Kurtbas/ iStockphoto)

(source: Mutlu Kurtbas/ iStockphoto)

The best advice you’ll get about losing weight will come from a registered dietitian.  But you can’t carry your nutritional professional around in your handbag.  The next best thing is to use a smartphone app.

There are countless iPhone and Android apps on the market.  Tuesday, I wrote about Everyone Eats, an app that helps dieters with chronic medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes find the best restaurant foods.  But if you aren’t managing a medical condition there are a wide range of other tools that will help you count calories, find cool workouts and manage your energy balance.

Best Smartphone Apps for Dieters

North Memorial Diabetes and Nutrition Educator Karen Palmer, RDN, LD, CDE, compiled a list of great tools for her clients.   The list includes online sites that will help you find walking routes, evaluate your physical activity, and tally your food intake.  You’ll also find apps that you can download to your smartphone so that you have healthy tools on the go.

Download the List Now

Stay Connected to Your Nutrition Professional

Smartphone apps are great tools for making the best on-the-go decisions, but they are not a replacement for the personalized care offered by your registered dietitian.  Use the online tools while still meeting with your nutrition professional.  Then you can work together you can make the best food choices to lose weight and keep it off.

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