Menu App Helps Diners Find Healthier Food

Download the app on your smartphone.

Download the app on your smartphone.

There are plenty of smartphone apps that help dieters count calories and monitor food activity.  But a relatively new app called Everyone Eat helps diners with chronic conditions find restaurant food that fits within their specific health guidelines.

How to Download and Use Everyone Eat

The handy tool is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones.  After downloading the app, follow a few online steps to set up the system.  You’ll enter basic information (age, gender, height, weight, activity level), and chronic health conditions or dietary restrictions. The data is then used to calculate a dietary profile that fits within the guidelines of  health associations including, the American Diabetes Association, the National Kidney Foundation, the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, and many others.

After set-up, you can use the app to find a restaurant, a specific type of cuisine or to evaluate specific menu items at your favorite spot.  For example, if you listed hypertension as one of your conditions and mexican food as your desired cuisine, the app will locate restaurants in your area and suggest menu items that fit the recommended guidelines for people with high blood pressure. The app will also offer alerts if certain foods fall outside of the recommended guidelines for your condition.

Stay Connected to Your Registered Dietitian

Everyone Eat is a convenient tool, but it is not a replacement for the personalized care offered by your registered dietitian.  You can, however, use the app to connect with your RD. Follow prompts on the app to set up the connection between you and your nutritional professional.  Then you can work together you can make the best food choices to improve your health.

Looking for more handy smartphone apps?  Check back on Thursday for a list of favorite tools.


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