Fitness Tips from a Real Client: “How I Lost 200 Pounds”

Kyle benchpressing Julie Lother, his devoted trainer.

Kyle benchpressing Julie Lother, his devoted trainer.

Did you read Tuesday’s inspiring story of a family’s transformation?  Jill, a nurse at North Memorial, not only improved her own health by joining the employee fitness center, but she helped her son lose nearly two hundred pounds and got her husband to get healthy as well.

Now Kyle, Jill’s son, tells his own story and offers advice for others who find themselves intimidated at the thought of joining a gym or working out.

Kyle’s Story: The Pain of Reality

My fitness journey began with a difficult shock.  When I stepped on a treadmill for the first time, I had no idea of the shape my body was really in.  I could barely walk for 30 minutes at a slow 3 mph.  At nearly 400 pounds, I didn’t see myself the way I did before I stepped on the scale.

That first day ignited a huge self-esteem blow and I wanted to cry.  My trainer Julie only turned that fire into a raging bonfire.  But there was calm after the storm.  I hated her during the workouts, but loved her afterwards. I knew why she pushed me so I continued, and still continue, to try.

An Important Bond Creates Success

To this day I have lost around 200 pounds of fat and gained about 20 pounds of muscle.  I can’t thank Julie enough for changing my health. I currently eat a high protein diet consisting of six to seven meals a day. I don’t eat past seven and devote one day to gorge day where I go wild and eat what ever I want.

I am energized and focused on things in my day and am much happier. Exercise is not torture. You see people at the gym and yeah, it’s intimidating.  But there are many different ways to exercise.  I haven’t been to a gym since I moved and have kept my weight loss going.   

If I can do it, anyone can.  Exercise is not a workout for me but a mental focus. Once I pushed through the mental barrier that says ‘don’t do this’ it became easy.  These are three pieces of advice that I’ve learned over the years that will make the journey easier.

 Kyle’s Tips for Success

  1. Find a trainer who loves their job and is fun and happy. This makes it easier on you to want to work out.
  2. Don’t try to want to look like someone else. It won’t happen. Make your goals to be the best YOU can be.
  3. Be devoted. Results won’t appear over night but being consistent is the key. You have to want it.

I am living proof that change can happen.  My trainer Julie made me see that anything is possible and in turn, my transformation makes her love her job. I look forward to pushing myself and becoming stronger.


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