How to Get Diet Help from a Registered Dietitian (RD)

Reach your goals with help from an RD

Reach your goals with help from an RD

During National Nutrition Month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is helping Americans eat healthy diets that are both satisfying and nutritious.  As part of their Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day campaign, the organization is promoting the message that anyone can improve their health with delicious food choices.  One of the best ways to do that is to work with a registered dietitian.

What Is A Registered Dietitian?

An RD is a food and nutrition expert that has met specific academic and professional standards.  Many registered dietitians work in medical settings with patients who need to change their eating habits in order to improve their health.  They counsel and educate patients based on the client’s own personal needs and lifestyle.   Working with an RD is the best way to get a personalized program for healthy eating.

How Can I Work With a Registered Dietitian?

If you need to lose weight or improve your eating habits, follow these three steps to work with a registered dietitian.

  1. Meet with your physician.  Talk to your doctor about the ways in which your diet might be affecting your health.  In many cases, your primary care provider can provide a referral to a registered dietitian.
  2. Find a registered dietitian.  If your doctor’s office doesn’t have a specific RD that they work with, you can use the Registered Dietitian Finder at to find one in your area.
  3. Work together with the dietitian.  When you meet with the RD, you’ll talk about your eating and exercise habits.  So before you go, think about important parts of your daily routine that affect your food choices.  Together, you and the registered dietitian will develop a program that fits into your lifestyle.  Watch this video to learn more.


Learn more about healthy eating at North Memorial’s Healthy Weight Loss website.  Then check back on Thursday, when I’ll answer your frequently asked questions about working with a registered dietitian.


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