Healthy Ethnic Food Suggestions

Mangos can be part of a healthy diet

Mangos can be part of a healthy diet

Anyone can eat a healthy diet.  This month, as part of National Nutrition Month®, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is helping people of all cultural backgrounds to improve their health with better food choices.  Vandana Sheth, a spokesperson for the organization, explains their mission.

“Eating is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ proposition. RDs make recommendations that accommodate the food preferences, cultural traditions and customs of the many and diverse groups who live in our country.”

Better Ethnic Food Choices

As part of the Eat Right, Your Way Every Day program, the Academy has provided a list of healthy ethnic menu ideas.  These foods meet the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines and program.

  • Fruit chutney (Asian Indian)
  • Grilled pineapple as part of a chicken shish kabob (Middle Eastern)
  • Mango or other tropical fruit smoothie (Latin American)
  • Baked pumpkin sprinkled with cinnamon (African)
  • Polish beets (European)
  • Stir-fried greens (Asian)
  • Cactus salad (Latin American)
  • Succotash (Native American or Southern U.S.)
  • Couscous (African)
  • Quinoa (Latin American)
  • Naan bread (Asian Indian)
  • Egg noodles (German).

I Want a Personalized Program!

If you are looking for a complete program, tailored to your own cultural traditions and lifestyle, a registered dietitian can help.  During your first meeting,  an R.D. will explore your eating habits, your lifestyle and your cooking preferences.  Based on that information, you’ll work together to come up with a plan that fits your needs.

Be sure to visit the blog next week to find out more about working with a registered dietitian.  Or if you are ready to get started right away, find out how to get a referral to see a North Memorial registered dietitian today.



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