Mediterranean Diet Improves Heart Health (video)

Grilled vegetables are part of the Mediterranean diet

Grilled vegetables are part of the Mediterranean diet

It’s hard to imagine, but a diet that includes nuts, olive oil and red wine may be good for you. In a new study released yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine,  researchers found that people who practiced the Mediterranean diet were 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke. This study confirms what many other studies have found, that the Mediterranean diet can play a key role in heart health.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

If you are not familiar with the Mediterranean style of eating, now is a good time to check it out.  The focus of the diet is fresh fruits and vegetables.  Mediterranean eaters also consume fish at least twice per week and include small amounts of nuts, like almonds, into their diet.  These healthy eaters use small amounts of olive oil to prepare their food and some drink red wine in moderation.

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The Mediterranean diet isn’t necessarily a weight loss plan, but often, people who switch to this plan lose weight.  For many, eating more fruits and veggies each day means eating fewer high calorie snacks.  The diet helps people to feel satisfied during and after mealtime so that they don’t feel too restricted and they stay on the program for life.

Start Your Own Mediterranean Eating Plan

The Mediterranean diet can be healthy for anyone, but especially if you are concerned about your heart health, talk to your doctor to find out if this program might be right for you.  You may also want to meet with a registered dietitian at North Memorial to set up your own healthy eating plan.


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