Improve Heart Health After Dinner

file4671234819876There are plenty of meal choices you can make to improve your heart health.  You might choose to eat more veggies with dinner, select foods that are lower in saturated fat, or eat foods containing omega-3 fatty acids.  But you can also improve heart health after dinner.  A new study suggests that a brisk walk after your meal can improve heart health.

Walking Improves Triglyceride Levels

Research published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise found that when a group of young, healthy subjects took a brisk walk after eating a large meal their triglyceride levels were lower than when they walked before dinner or didn’t walk at all.  Triglycerides are a type of fat found in your blood. While having some triglycerides is normal, having too much triglyceride in your blood can increase your risk for heart disease.

While the study was small, it provides one more reason to add more physical activity to your day.  A post-dinner walk gives you time to connect with family members, burn a few extra calories, and in most cases, it replaces less healthy sedentary activities like watching television.

Not sure where to walk?  If cold weather prevents you from walking outdoors, head to the shopping mall to window shop or to an indoor park like Edinborough Park in Edina.  You’ll also find indoor walking tracks at local community centers, gyms and YMCA locations.




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