Healthy Relationships Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Get support to lose weight.

Get support to lose weight.

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to think about the important relationships in your life.  If you are trying to lose weight, those relationships can play a significant role in whether or not you are successful.  Most weight loss experts agree that social support and support from loved ones is a key factor in long-term success.

In a report about weight loss strategies that work, the American College of Preventative Medicine suggests that developing a social network is an important goal if you are trying to lose weight.  So how do you establish that network?  Start by looking around you.  First, get support from family and friends.   Be specific when you ask for help.  For example, you may ask your spouse to support you by getting rid of snack foods that tempt you.

Next, look outside of your close circle for friends or acquaintances who may share a similar goal.  Are there coworkers at work who are trying to lose weight?  Do you belong to a church or community center that has members who are trying to get healthy?  Your neighborhood might be another good source where you can find exercise companions or healthy cooking buddies.  Organize a weekly walk or recipe exchange.

Lastly, remember that the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss program is your source of support.  Talk to your physician about strategies for weight loss and connect with other dieters online and on Facebook and Twitter.  Tell us about your challenges and ask questions.  We want to hear from you!



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