Find Time for Mini Workouts


Complete a mini workout in ten minutes. (photo source: morguefile)

Do you have a strategy to stay healthy during the holiday season?  Tuesday, Julie Lother, Fitness Director at North Memorial’s Employee Fitness Center provided tips to avoid overeating at holiday parties and festive meals.  Today, you’ll learn how to incorporate more physical activity into your day.

Benefits of Mini Workouts

If you can’t make it to the gym to complete a full exercise session, mini workouts are perfect for you.  Simply split your workout into smaller sessions and complete them throughout the day.  For example, If you normally walk on a treadmill for an hour after work, take 4 15-minutes breaks from your desk job to walk the halls at work or climb stairs and you’ll still reap the benefits of a regular exercise session.

If you don’t currently participate in a regular exercise program, mini workouts are a great way to get started.  Why not head into the New Year with a healthy habit already in place?  Start your day with a short brisk walk, then finish with a few relaxing stretches.

Sample Mini-Workouts

You don’t need fancy equipment or special clothing to complete a mini workout.  If you are healthy enough for physical activity try one of these sample activities.

  • Climb stairs in the office building for ten minutes.
  • Hold a squat position against a wall for one minute. Repeat 5 times.
  • Complete lunges in three different directions, to the front, side and back
  • Do push-ups against a wall, counter or sturdy coffee table
  • March in place during commercial breaks while watching television

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