Reader Question: Is Sobe Water Bad for Me?

Make your own flavored water (source:mconnors/morguefile)

A reader recently submitted a question to the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss Program about a popular flavored water drink. She wrote:

I like Sobe Water. Is it bad for me?

The answer to the question may depend on your typical drinking habits and your goals for weight loss and weight maintenance.

What’s in Flavored Water Drinks?

The best way to know what’s in the drinks we consume is to ignore the package advertising and look at the Nutrition Facts Label. Sobe Lifewater Strawberry Kiwi flavored drink contains 40 calories per serving. Each bottle contains 2.5 servings. If you drink the whole thing, you’ll consume 100 calories.

You should also look at the ingredients list. SoBe advertises that they manufacture “water with benefits.” The first ingredient in Sobe Lifewater Strawberry Kiwi flavored drink is water.  The second is sugar. After that, you’ll find ingredients such as erythritol, natural flavor, fumaric acid, potassium citrate, ascorbic acid, calcium lactate, and modified food starch. Other than water, these aren’t necessarily ingredients that are essential for good health.

Should You Drink Flavored Water?
So does this mean that Sobe water is bad for you to drink? Not necessarily, if you drink it in moderation. But you if you are trying to improve your health with water or trying to lose weight, you might want to think about healthier and cheaper alternatives.

Why not skip the commercially produced drinks and choose regular no-calorie water instead? If you like extra flavor, fill a pitcher with tap water and add a few strawberries and kiwi slices. You can also flavor water with cucumber, orange slices, or herbs. It takes a little bit more time, but you’ll save money and calories at the same time. You’ll also benefit from knowing what’s really in your water.

Do you have a question about diet, exercise or weight loss?  Post it in the comments section below, or find us on Facebook and post it there.  Then, stay tuned for an answer.  Thursday, I’ll answer a question about diet soda.


One thought on “Reader Question: Is Sobe Water Bad for Me?

  1. I hovered over a bottle of Sobe in the supermarket the other day. It looked nice – promoted as healthy. But then, I turned it over and realized I’d be better off drinking a bottle of Coke. So I grabbed a bottle of Evian instead. It looked nice and WAS healthy.

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