Best Way to Burn Off Thanksgiving Calories

Time to get moving (source: alal/morguefile)

How many calories will you consume during the big Thanksgiving feast?  Some estimates put the total count of a typical meal near 2000 calories.  Your intake may be lower, but the bottom line is that most of us will eat more than we usually do and will have some extra calories to burn off.  So what’s the best way to burn off the Thanksgiving feast?  Let’s start by eliminating the worst option.

The Worst Way to Burn Off Thanksgiving Calories

The worst thing you can do after consuming a large meal is to do too much in a single workout.  You might feel guilty about overindulging, but if you try to work off the guilt in a single session, you can easily end up injured or exhausted, and unable to continue the workout habit.

The Best Way to Burn off Thanksgiving Calories

Your best bet is to start a moderate program of physical activity.  Or, if you already exercise on a regular basis, add 10 or 15 minutes to your regular workout session to compensate for the extra holiday treats.  You’ll burn off the excess calories and build a healthy exercise habit at the same time.  Here’s a general guide to the number of calories you’ll burn in a 40-minute session.*

  • Ride a stationary bike: 363
  • Walk at a moderate pace: 150 calories
  • Take an aerobics class: 227 calories
  • Swim laps:  318 calories

(*Estimates are based on the number of calories that a 150 pound woman would burn.  Source: American Council on Exercise Physical Activity Calculator)

Find more eating tips, recipes and exercise advice on the  North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.


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