3 Ways to Prevent Overeating on Thanksgiving

Do you have a plan to prevent overeating during the big Thanksgiving meal?  If you don’t have a plan, chances are good that temptation will take over on Thursday and you’ll eat too much.  Instead, use these three steps to prevent overeating and keep your healthy eating plan on track.

3 Steps to Prevent Overeating

  1. Do your research.  Find out what will be served at Thanksgiving meal.  If the meal is not at your house, you can ask in advance or assume that the traditional favorites will be served.  Plan out your menu and decide which foods you’ll eat.  Use a portion control guide to estimate how much of each food you should consume in a single serving.
  2. Make a contract.  Write out your meal plan and create a contract to sign.  You can use this Healthy Eating Pledge from North Memorial as a guide.  Try to recruit other family members to sign a pledge as well.   Post them in a place where you see them throughout the day.
  3. Plan an activity. Sometimes the biggest calorie intake doesn’t happen at mealtime, but after the meal is over.  Leftovers are a common source of temptation.  To help prevent grazing, plan an activity for the evening after the meal is complete.   Go for a hike at a nearby park, play tag football in the front yard or have the kids teach you the latest dance steps.

Find more eating tips, recipes and exercise advice on the  North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.


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