Nutrition Facts Label – Your Key to Smart Dieting

Look for this heading on your food package

Weight loss is nearly impossible if you don’t know what you’re eating.  And with all of the trendy labels that manufacturers use to label food, it’s nearly impossible to sort out the good from the bad.  But there is one label that doesn’t lie: the Nutrition Facts Label.

Find Nutrition Facts in One Place

Almost all packaged foods will contain a rectangular box that has clear nutritional data.  You can usually find it on the back of the package and it says “Nutrition Data” on the top.  The data contained here is regulated by the FDA, so you can generally trust its accuracy.

How to Read the Numbers

Find out how much fat, cholesterol and sodium is in each serving

So what should you look for?  First, check the recommended serving size.  This is probably the amount you should consume in one sitting.  From there, scan down the label to see how many calories, how much fat, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber and protein that is contained in each serving of that food.

You’ll also see a column on the right called “% Daily Value.”  This is the percentage of each nutrient that the food contains if you are on a diet of 2000 calories per day.  Most people who are dieting consume less than 2000 calories per day, so take that percentage number with a grain of salt.

Get Additional Information

If you are not sure how many calories, fat grams, protein grams and carbs you should eat every day to lose weight, meet with a North Memorial registered dietitian.  An R.D. can lay out a personalized eating plan that will help you reach your goals for improved health and weight loss.


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