Best Weight Loss Tool for Women

Make a food diary

New research has found that one of the best weight loss tools for women is a food journal.  Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center looked at different strategies that helped women maintain a diet-friendly calorie count.  They found that a simple journal was most effective.

How to Keep a Food Journal

The September 2012 issue of IDEA Fitness Journal reported the study and offered four suggestions for keeping a food diary.

  1. Be honest.  Don’t omit a food because it doesn’t look good on paper.
  2. Be accurate.  Make sure you measure portions and use the Nutrition Facts Label to record correct data.
  3. Be complete.  Include condiments, sauces, and calories that may have been added in preparing your food.
  4. Be consistent.  Always carry your journal, or use a smartphone app to record everything all day long.

A food journal is also a helpful tool that your registered dietitian can use to evaluate your diet and make suggestions.  If you’d like to work with a dietitian, get connected through your North Memorial primary care provider.


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