Make Healthier Fall Soup

Make healthier soup (photo source: clarita/morguefile)

What’s your favorite fall soup?  When the days get shorter, the leaves start to drop and temperatures fall, most of us love to sit down at night to a nice bowl of creamy soup.  But sometimes the calorie and fat content in the soup is too high if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet.  Use these tips to make your favorite recipe with fewer calories and less fat and sodium.

4 Tips for Making Healthy Soup

  1. Use non-stick pans.  Many soup recipes require that you sauté vegetables in butter or oil before you add other ingredients.  Instead, soften the vegetables in a non-stick pan and use just a tiny amount of oil, or better yet, use no oil at all.  You’ll still get plenty of flavor without the added fat or calories.
  2. Use low sodium stock.  If you are trying to limit the salt in your diet, use homemade stock without added salt or use store bought stock that is low in sodium.  Check the Nutrition Facts label to make sure you are buying the brand with the lowest level of sodium.
  3. Skip the cream. Does your recipe call for heavy cream or half and half?  You can get  the creamy texture you love by substituting pureed white beans instead.  Keep in mind, however, that beans often contain higher levels of sodium.
  4. Give it time!  Season your soup with herbs.  Then, before adding salt or cream give it an hour or two to settle.  After you cook a pot of soup, you’ll notice that flavors get stronger as the soup cools and “rests.”  The soup will also thicken during this time. If you wait to add salt and cream, you’ll probably notice that you don’t need to add as much.

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One thought on “Make Healthier Fall Soup

  1. Great content. I enjoyed reading your 4 tips to making healthier soups! Especially now that Fall is upon us, soups will come in handy on a cold evening where I’m trying to decide whats for dinner! I like the way you offer alternatives. For example, I did not know you can substitute heavy cream with pureed white beans without losing out on flavor! Well i guess if I use the pureed white beans since you mentioned they may have high sodium then I can substitute the low sodium stock with water right? Well thanks once again for sharing great content.

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