Count Calories at McDonald’s

Make healthier choices at McDonald’s (photo source: McDonald’s Corporation)

Whether you are on a diet or not, it’s always a good idea to limit visits to fast food restaurants.  But sometimes we end up in the drive-thru lane anyway.  The good news is that starting next month it will be easier to make healthy choices at McDonald’s.  The fast food restaurant company announced yesterday that they will begin posting nutrition facts on their menus both in store and in the drive-thru lane.

Eating Healthy at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has made several recent improvements to their menu to help consumers eat better when they visit.  Have you checked out the Favorites Under 400 Calories?  This list provides diners with a few choices that will keep their calorie count in a reasonable range.  But keep in mind that each item runs about 400 calories.  If you add extras like fries or a dessert, the calorie count will escalate into an unhealthy range.

Eat Healthy at Other Fast Food Restaurants

Even though all restaurants don’t post nutrition facts on their in-store menus, most of them post nutritional information online or in printed materials that you can ask for before you order.  To make healthier choices, look for sandwiches or salads that are grilled and choose fruit or a small salad instead of fries.  You can also drink water instead of soda to decrease the calorie count of your meal.

Looking for more ways to stay healthy when dining out?  Visit North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website for a list of tips.


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