Make a Healthy Lunch for You and Your Kids

Make a healthy lunch for yourself or for your kids (photo source: mconnors/morguefile)

It’s only the first week of school and many of us have already run out of ideas for a healthy lunch.  It’s easy to send your kids (or yourself) out the door with processed, high-calorie, high-sodium and high-fat, pre-packaged foods.  But with a little bit of preparation, you can make yummy to-go meals that will satisfy any fussy eater, even if the fussy eater is you!

Healthy Lunch Ideas

  • Lean deli meat roll ups, banana, almonds.  Roll your lean, low-sodium deli meat around veggies like sliced carrots or cucumber and slice them like sushi rolls to make them more fun to eat.
  • Greek yogurt and Grape Nuts.  Put a ¼ cup scoop of Grape Nuts cereal into a small plastic container, then at lunchtime add the Greek yogurt and stir.  The crunchy cereal adds taste and texture to the yogurt.  Add some berries for more flavor.
  • Hard boiled egg with hummus, carrot, yellow pepper and zucchini spears.  At lunchtime, peel your egg, dump the yolk and fill the middle with hummus.  Use a little extra hummus as a dip for the sliced veggies.

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids by Kids

Want more healthy kid-friendly recipes?  Download a free copy of the winning recipes of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge .  This contest was a collaborative effort between, ChooseMyPlate and First Lady Michelle Obama.  Kids submitted their own recipes and the winning kid-friendly foods were featured online and in the cookbook.  The website also includes more tips for making kid-friendly meals.

Do you have a healthy snack or lunch idea?  Post it on our Facebook page!  We love to hear from our readers. And if you haven’t visited the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website, do it today.


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