Tips for Eating Healthy at the Minnesota State Fair

The State Fair runs from August 23 – September 3 2012 (photo credit: Minnesota State Fair)

Are you going to the Minnesota State Fair this year?  We all love to indulge in state fair food, but the fat and calories aren’t always healthy.  Here are five tips to help you enjoy the experience without overdoing it.

 5 Tips for Staying Healthy at the Fair

  1. Don’t go hungry.  You’ll end up making eating too much simply because you’re starving.  Before you go, eat a healthy meal that includes lean protein and whole grains.  These foods will help you to feel full longer.
  2. Don’t graze.  Make a food plan!  Walk through the fairgrounds first and choose 3 or 4 foods to try.  The walk will help you burn extra calories and you’ll make better food choices.
  3. Share everything. Buy one serving of each food treat and split it among friends.  You’ll get enough food to taste without the burden of the extra calories.
  4. Drink water.  Why waste extra calories on sodas or sports drinks? Water will keep you hydrated better than the high calorie alternatives.
  5. Get informed. Get your weight and your BMI checked at the North Memorial booth on the corner of Dan Patch and Cooper streets.

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