Healthy State Fair Food

Check out the Asian Salad at Veggie Pie (photo source: Minnesota State Fair)

This may come as a shock to some, but there really is healthy food at the Minnesota State Fair.  The fair runs from August 23 until September 3, and if you’re headed out to the great Minnesota Get-Together, you’ll want to print out this list or bookmark this page on your smart phone.   Once you’re there, find the location of each vendor using the State Fair Food Finder.

Healthy Food at the Minnesota State Fair

Quick Snacks, Fruits &  Veggies:

  • Almonds, mixed nuts and dried fruits at Simply Nuts, located in the Coliseum
  • Frozen fruit on-a-stick at Veggie Pie, located in the Food Building
  • Fruit and vegetable smoothies at Caribbean Smoothies, located on Liggett St., near the horse barn or at Moe and Joe’s Coffee booth, located on south side of Judson Ave.
  • Minnesota-grown apples at Minnesota Apples, Inc., located in the Agriculture/Horticulture Building
  • Carrots (in a veggie platter) and fruit platters or bowls at Andre’s Watermelon, located on Underwood St.
  • Wholesome dairy at Midwest Dairy Association located north side of Judson as well as Greek yogurt, honey vanilla and strawberry, fresh cheese curds (not deep fried), located in the Dairy building

Lean Meat and Fish:

  • Turkey jerky and beef jerky at Smokin’ Joe’s Smokehouse, located on Cooper St. in The North Woods
  • Grilled shrimp on-a-stick and clams at Fish & Chips, located in the Food Building and on Liggett St.
  • Crawfish at Ragin’ Cajun, located in The Garden
  • Simple chicken tacos at Tejas, located in The Garden
  • Sushi at Shanghaied Henri’s, located in the International Bazaar
  • Chicken on-a-stick at Chan’s Chicken on a Stick booth, located south side of Judson Ave.

Tasty Meals:

  • Freshly made salads  including Asian Salad, Classic Tossed Salad and Garden Salad at Veggie Pie, located in the Food Building
  • Coushari rice with lentil, hummus, tabouli salad, and kabobs, at Holy Land Deli
  • Wrap sandwiches at That’s a Wrap, located in the food building
  • Chicken on-a-stick, rice bowl, and other healthy offerings at Midtown Global Market located in the International Bazaar
  • Fish tacos and vegetarian tacos at San Felipe Tacos located in the Food Building
  • Northwoods salad, salmon wrap at Giggles’ Campfire Grill, located on Cooper St. and Lee Ave.

And while you’re at the fair, don’t pass by the health screenings provided by North Memorial at the corner of Dan Patch and Cooper Streets.  Check your weight, BMI and get a diabetes screening.

Get more health tips, news, diet and exercise advice at North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss or by finding us on Facebook and Twitter.


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