3 Ways to Fail at Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is hard enough as it is, but who would want to start a weight loss program knowing that it will fail?  There might be a way to tell.  Recently, researchers studied different methods that people used to lose between 5 and 10% of their body weight.  They found that certain programs were more likely to fail.

Weight Loss Methods That are Likely to Fail

  1. Diet fads. Save yourself some time and skip the grapefruit diet, the raspberry ketones diet, and all of the other trendy diet fads that might grab your attention.  Researchers have found that eating less and exercising more are the keys to successful weight loss.
  2. Non-prescription pills and supplements.  If you need help losing weight, using non-prescription products can be a dangerous and a waste of money. There are a few new FDA-approved weight loss medications on the market.   Talk to your physician about getting a safe, clinically tested medication.
  3. Liquid diets.  Researchers found that liquid diets were not associated with successful weight loss in the long term.    For most people, it is simply too hard to give up real food for long enough to make any difference.

So what works?  Reducing your fat intake, eating healthy and exercising more.  Getting support from friends and family will also improve your chances of losing weight.  Get connected and learn more about healthy weight loss by checking out the new North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.


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