How to Get Help When You Can’t Lose Weight

Reach your goals with help from the experts. (Source: clarita/morguefle)

Do you feel like you can’t lose weight? What holds you back from reaching your goal?  Almost everyone confronts an obstacle or two when they are trying to make changes in their life.  The key to successful weight loss is figuring out what those obstacles are and learning how to get past them.

Identify the Obstacles

The first step to figuring out why you can’t lose weight is to examine your past diet and exercise experiences.  What went wrong?  Perhaps you had a medical condition that prevented you from participating in an exercise program.  Maybe the diet you tried was too restrictive. And it’s possible that you were experiencing stress in your life that made weight loss too difficult.

Get Help from Experts

You don’t have to confront these challenges alone alone.  North Memorial Medical Center has experts that are equipped to help.  Talk to your primary care provider about getting a referral to one of these specialists:

  • Registered dietitian to help you develop an eating plan that meets your needs
  • Physical therapist to help you exercise more comfortably
  • Behavioral Health Specialist to help you navigate the stress and emotional issues that make weight loss difficult.

Take the first step and get connected today.   Call your primary care provider or visit the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website to see a list of caring staff who will well help you reach your weight loss goals.


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