Sleep Problems? Consider Weight Loss

Get diagnosed to get better sleep

Get diagnosed to get better sleep (source: kevinrosseel/morguefile)

Several recent studies have connected poor sleep habits to weight gain.  But did you know that weight gain can also lead to sleep problems?  Obesity is a risk factor for sleep apnea, a condition that causes brief moments of breathlessness during sleep.

First Step: Get Diagnosed

The first step to getting better sleep is to speak to your medical provider about your specific condition.  You can also take this short quiz to see if you might be at risk for sleep apnea or another chronic sleep problem.  And while you’re on the North Memorial website, learn more about a wide range of sleep disturbances by listening to short audio clips by Ranji Varghese, MD.  In his Health eAudio segments he explains why getting diagnosed is important.

Lose Weight to Sleep Better

Your health care provider may recommend weight loss as a first step to dealing with your sleep disturbance.   Recent studies have shown that even a minimal weight loss can help to reduce the severity of sleep apnea symptoms.  To get started on a weight loss plan check out the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss Program online to get started with a new eating plan.  You can also watch short videos that will help you to start an exercise program and learn how to get connected to others who are also on the weight loss journey.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Problems? Consider Weight Loss

  1. Great post, thank you! I recently blogged the benefits of weight loss for those suffering from sleep apnea.

  2. Although many people are having trouble getting all of the rest they need on a day-to-day basis, few of them realize that the culprit may actually be a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea, an irregular breathing pattern caused by obstructed airways, is one of the most common of these disorders.

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