Bust Your Junk Food Cravings

Where do you keep your snacks?

New research has revealed that we are more likely to crave junk food if we see it in front of us. But did we really need a scientific study to confirm that?  Most of us already know that when we see the food we crave, we are more likely to want to eat it.

So why should that research matter to you? Because it could inspire you to make changes that will help you to lose weight.   If you want to cut back on high calorie and high fat foods, then try to limit the junk food that you see. These simple changes to your environment could have a big impact on your waistline.

  • Move high calorie snacks off the counter and put them in closed cupboards
  • Put healthy quick snacks like carrot sticks or small containers of lowfat yogurt on the front shelves of your refrigerator so you see them right away when you open the door.
  • Clean out your desk drawers of candy, snacks and treats.
  • Keep a bottle if water on your desk so that you are not tempted to hydrate with high-calorie soda.

Want to see more ideas for changing your environment and get more weight loss advice?  Visit the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website. Or find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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