Enjoy a Whiz Bang Weekend

Who wants to burn a few extra calories this weekend?  If that sounds good to you, get outside and take part in the 28th Annual North Memorial Whiz Bang Race. You can register for the 5K, 10K or sign your kids up for the ½ mile fun run.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Humphrey Cancer Center at North Memorial Hospital.

What if I have never run before?

You don’t have to be a super athlete to participate.  But be forewarned: participating in the Whiz Bang Race may cause you to make healthy changes in your life.  Taking part in any community athletic event often inspires people to set goals and get more physically active.

If this is your first 5k, don’t be afraid to walk the distance or simply jog slowly.  Local running coach Ron Byland says that one of the most common mistakes that new runners make is to do too much too soon.  So, make this year’s goal just reaching the finish line.  Then, set a goal to complete the distance in less time next year.

Set a goal to get healthy

Byland coaches many new runners and says that taking the time to set goals and get healthy is worth it in the long run.   “Take your time to properly prepare your body and mind and your race will be a much more enjoyable experience,” he says.

Need advice on how to start an exercise program or change your eating habits? Visit the North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website and find us on Facebook to get more tips and advice.


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