Surprising Side Effect of Drinking Soda

The cheapest weight loss tool comes from the faucet. (rollingroscoe/morguefile)

You probably know that drinking high-calorie soda isn’t good for your diet.  So you may have switched to diet soda to cut calories.  Good plan, right?  Maybe not.  New research about eating and drinking habits reveals that when we drink pop we are more likely to make poor food choices.

A study published in the May issue of Appetite examined the way we make food and drink choices when we eat.  In both children and adults, they found that we are less likely to eat vegetables when we drink soda or sweetened beverages.  And not only do we avoid healthy veggies when we drink pop, but we are also more likely to choose junk foods like pizza or French fries.

It’s a simple fix, but it might have a big impact on your eating habits: drink water, especially at mealtime.  You’ll save calories, save money and train your taste buds to enjoy healthier lower-calorie foods.

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