How to Exercise Every Day Without Getting Bored

Kids love a whistle! (credit: mconors/morguefile)

Most people think of daily exercise as a chore.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Exercise can be and should be fun.  Exercise should feel like a game.  You’re more likely to stick to a workout plan if you engage in it, get a little competitive and enjoy it.  So how do you exercise without getting bored or tired?  You go to the fun experts in your house: your kids.

Get Kids Moving and Improve Your Health

A recent study conducted by the American Cancer Society found that women prefer exercise more if it feels like play.  Makes sense, right?  To bring that sense of play into your routine, grab the kids (or your spouse) off the couch and get them involved.  The exercise is good for them too.

  • Let kids coach.  Kids love to be in charge.  So give your crew a whistle and stopwatch and take turns timing each other while you jump rope or run sprints.  Let the little ones count repetitions of push-ups or say ABC’s while you climb stairs (one letter per step!)
  • Play tag.  There’s a fancier word for tag: interval workout. Intervals are short bursts of intense activity.  Interval workouts have been shown to be effective at building muscle and burning fat.  Grab the neighborhood kids and get moving.  You’re it!
  • Make the playground your gym.  Why pay membership dues at the local health club when you have a well-equipped gym in your neighborhood.  Take the kids to the local park and use the play equipment to do pull-ups, step-ups, or push-ups.  Walk or jog the perimeter of the park as a warm-up and cool-down.

When your kids see you make exercise a part of your daily routine, they are more likely to mimic that habit as they grow up.  So get outside and play!

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