Minneapolis Parks May Ban Junk Food

No more hot dogs? What do you think?
(source: alvimann/morguefile)

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is considering a proposed policy to require parks to serve only healthy foods.  According to The Southwest Journal, this could mean that all bread, rolls and pretzels must be whole wheat, juice servings would be limited to eight ounces, and nacho cheese sauce could be banned.  Soda would be eliminated, all meat would have to be lean and baked treats would be limited in size.

Healthy Food for Kids

Park Board commissioners are reportedly concerned about the rise in childhood obesity rates and feel that changes to their menu may help the community eat better.  But regardless of whether or not the legislation passes, parents can take steps to help kids eat better now.

If you are concerned about your kids’ eating habits when they visit the neighborhood park, consider swapping some of these foods for the more expensive and high calorie treats that they might buy.

  • Triscuits/skim mozzarella instead of nachos and cheese
  • Mini grilled chicken burgers instead of hotdogs or hamburgers
  • Fresh sliced peaches/berries with granola topping instead of ice cream
  • Skim chocolate milk or mini bottled water instead of pop

What do you think about the proposed ban?  Cast your vote in our Facebook Poll.

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