Best Exercise For Health?

Lace up your shoes and go for a walk (source: alal/morguefile)

If you’re ready to start a summer shape-up plan, you might be wondering where to begin.  Should you join a gym?  Sign up for a fitness event? Get a trainer?  Nope.  According to North Memorial cardiologist Dr. Retu Saxena, walking is the best exercise for health.

Is Walking Better than Running?

In an interview with KARE-11’s Renee Tessman, Dr Saxena explained that moderate exercise is the way to go if you want to improve your heart health.  She went on to say that excessive running can actually be harmful to your health.

“What we have found is 30 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise adds seven years on to your life expectancy and that’s where we should be aiming.”

Dr. Saxena explained that the natural movement of walking at a brisk pace is good for the heart, but any form of exercise done in moderation is healthy.

How to Start an Exercise Program

If you’re ready to get heart healthy and shed a few pounds, start your walking plan with some help from the experts at North Memorial.  Learn how to start an exercise program on the Healthy Weight Loss Program website.

Then, get equipped with a few must-have items to make your workout program a success.  Learn how to use a pedometer to count your steps each day and connect with friends who will keep you on track as you progress through your plan.


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