Want to Lose Weight? Join Our Weight Loss Group

Don’t diet alone. Join us!

If you want to lose weight, you are most likely to be successful if you have the help of friends, family and a supportive community.  Not only will you learn from each other, but when daily challenges threaten your commitment to a diet or exercise program, a strong circle of friends will keep you on track.

So how do you find other people to connect with?  Join us on Facebook and Twitter!

North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss on Facebook

If you are already on Facebook, you may have wandered on to our new Healthy Weight Loss Program page.  If not, connect with us now!   This is the place where you can ask questions, post comments and learn from others.

Here’s what you can look forward to as we build our Facebook community.

  • Recipes and tips for cooking low calorie meals
  • Lifestyle tips that will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body
  • Exercise advice and ideas for workouts
  • Answers to your questions about weight loss
  • Local news about events in the Twin Cities

Not a Facebook member?  It’s easy to join!  Facebook allows you to share as much or as little information as you want.  Invite your friends to join as well.

North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss on Twitter and Pinterest

If tweeting is your style, then follow us on Twitter.  We tweet several times each day and love to hear from our followers.  And if you are a Pinterest user, look for our boards in the coming weeks.


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