Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

ImageYou have less than a week left to shop for mom.  Do you know what to get her?  If the mother in your life is getting in shape for summer, trying to lose weight, or just interested in improving her health, use one of these healthy Mother’s Day gift ideas to show her that you support that investment in her health.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Pedometer.  This handy device will help mom count her steps while she walks.  Knowing that number will help her to start or improve her walking program.  Pedometers are available for as little as $5-10, but you can also spend more on sophisticated models.
  • Bike tune-up. If your mom likes to bike, a spring tune-up will keep her cycle in safe working condition.  If you have a few extra dollars, buy her a new helmet or other accessory.
  • Farmer’s Market visit /Healthy brunch.  Give mom a break in the kitchen and cook a healthy brunch.  Start the day with a visit to the Minneapolis Farmers Market and splurge on a bouquet of flowers and fresh vegetables.  Then let mom relax while you cook the meal.
  • Home exercise equipment.  If the lady in your life is trying to improve her health with exercise, an inexpensive set of hand weights is all she needs to set up an effective home gym.
  • Support coupons.   Sometimes, what mom needs most is time to take care of herself.  Offer coupons for household tasks, such as laundry, dishes, housecleaning, or babysitting to lighten her burden at home.

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