Weight Loss: What’s In It For Me?

Jot down your thoughts about losing weight.

Are you thinking about losing weight?  Even if you’re not sure that you are ready to go on a diet, it’s a good idea to identify the things that have motivated you to even consider it.  The  “What’s In It For Me” list becomes a great motivator to keep you on track throughout the entire weight loss process.

How to Make a “What’s In It For Me” List

Ask yourself a few questions to come up with a list of at least three reasons that you may want to lose weight.

  • How will my health improve if I lose weight?  Your health care provider at North Memorial may have suggested a weight loss plan for you.  For many people, weight loss decreases their risk of heart problems, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.  It can also help to lower blood pressure and improve quality of life.
  • How will my relationships change if I lose weight?  Will losing weight allow you to become more active with friends and family?  Will weight loss help you to have more fun with kids or grandkids?   Will you be more comfortable in your workplace if you drop a few pounds?
  • Will I feel better about myself if I lose weight?  For some people, a single event may be the incentive for weight loss.  Weddings and high school reunions are common motivators.  But once the single event has passed, many people notice that they enjoy improved confidence and a better quality of life after they lost weight.

Once you’ve got your list, post it in a place where you see it on a regular basis.  It may help you to take the first step towards changing your eating habits and increasing your activity level to lose weight.

If you are already on a healthy weight loss plan, check in with the list periodically and acknowledge the progress you’ve made towards reaching each one of the incentives.

Stay tuned for the new North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website coming soon.  You’ll find plenty of diet tips and exercise advice.  Check back here for updates or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to hear the latest news.

Photosource: ppdigital/Morguefile


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