How Much Weight Can I Lose?

One of the most common questions that dieters ask is: how much weight can I lose?  And often, dieters want quick results.  But when it comes to weight loss, the slow and steady approach is best.

Healthy Weight Loss Happens Gradually
Healthy weight loss happens at a rate of approximately 1-2 pounds per week.  To do this, you generally need to cut 3500 calories from your diet each week.  That’s 500 calories per day.  You may be able to hit that mark by swapping water for high calorie sodas each day.  Or try replacing a high-fat side dish such as chips or fries with fresh fruit at lunch and dinner.  You can also try combining healthy eating with regular exercise to burn more calories.

Avoid Weight Loss Gimmicks
You may see ads for diet plans, pills and supplements that advertise faster weight loss.  Often, the products are not effective. Your best bet for long term weight loss is to learn healthy eating habits and lose the weight gradually.

Stay tuned for the new North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website coming soon.  You’ll find plenty of diet tips and exercise advice.  Check back here for updates or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to hear the latest news.


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