Get Ready for Spring Weight Loss

ImageHas the warm weather gotten you excited for summer?  For many people, losing weight becomes a top priority in the spring.  Whether it is the sense of renewal, the focus on outdoor activity, or the summer fashions that motivate us, getting in shape becomes a front-burner issue when the weather gets warm.

So how do you get started on a weight loss plan?  Follow these simple steps to put a plan into action.

 3 Steps to Spring Weight Loss

  • Set short-term goals.  It’s easy to set a big weight loss goal before you actually go on the diet.  But when the plan gets difficult, sometimes the long-term goal seems unachievable.
    Instead, think about setting weekly achievable goals.  Resolve to walk for 20 minutes every day, or eat more vegetables at dinner.  You’ll be surprised how little changes can have a big effect!
  • Meet with your health care provider.  You’ll want to make sure you are healthy enough for physical activity and discuss weight loss options with your provider.  If you have medical issues that could impact your ability to lose weight, you can work together to find the best way to work around them.
  • Grab a few friends!  One of the best ways to stay accountable to a weight loss plan is to have friends and family who support you.  Find a few buddies who will support you by sharing healthy meals, visiting the local farmers market, or exercising with you.

Stay tuned for the new North Memorial Healthy Weight Loss website coming soon.  You’ll find plenty of diet tips and exercise advice.  Check back here for updates or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to hear the latest news.

Photo source: badeendjuh/Morguefile


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