What’s a Good Resolution? (part two)

Reach your goals

Reach your goals

Did you set a resolution on Tuesday? If you did, you may have already ready my suggestions for making a good one, but if not be sure to check out What’s a Good Resolution (part one) after you read this post.  You may end up making a few adjustments to your goal.  But regardless of the goal you set, the other element that will help to make it successful is accountability.

Make Your Goal Public

Let me clarify: I’m not suggesting that you take out an ad in the local paper and proclaim your weight loss aspirations.  But I am suggesting that you choose a few people and share your goal with them.  As a general rule, we are more likely to be on our best behavior when someone is watching us.  You can use that strategy to reach your goals. Good candidates for sharing include a supportive spouse or family member, a coworker who shares the same goal, friends or neighbors who you see on a regular basis, or your heath care provider.

When you share the resolution, tell your friend why the goal is important to you and be specific about how you intend to achieve it.  Let them know that you are telling them so that they can support you, hold you accountable and offer support in the form of gentle reminders when needed.

Another great option for accountability is social networking.  Like the North Memorial Facebook page and join the conversation about weight loss and healthy living. Feel free to post your goal and I’ll help you stay on track.  Just be sure to only post things that you are comfortable sharing in public.



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